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Before you get your Beagle
(or things you need to think about and do before your beagle arrives).

Firstly, your new beagle will need a home of its own. If you intend to keep it outside (to sleep at night) after the first few days then a secure kennel with a covered run will be essential. Some breeders recommend the purchase of a crate or kennel cab and this can be a good "inside the house home" for your puppy as well as a place for it to stay in those first few days when you bring it home. If you are intending to keep your dog indoors permanently then we would suggest that you do purchase either the crate or kennel cab. It will allow you to shut the dog away when you need to, and it will also become their "home base". If you have a young puppy, children, and adults, need to know that when the puppy is in the crate/cab/basket they are not to be disturbed. Remember a new puppy needs to sleep and rest a lot. A tired puppy is often a destructive puppy!

Secondly, purchase a supply of dog food, some bowls (Beagle proof ones - plastic is very destroyable) a good strong lead for walking, and a collar and/or choke chain. If you are getting a puppy, both the collar and the choke chain will need replacing as the puppy grows.

Thirdly, find some toys for your beagle to play with, and a warm blanket for bedding (an old jersey or similar will do). Remember that giving your beagle an old worn sock or slipper to chew on can lead to it chewing on the 'still-in-use' versions later on, so it can pay to find/buy doggy specific toys. An appropriately sized Nylabone for chewing on is probably a good idea, avoid the easily chewable bones at the moment as these can swell inside the stomach and cause problems if too much is ingested at once. If you have a puppy, remember that as puppy's teeth are growing he will want to chew a lot. Providing him with the right things to chew on may save your furniture, electrical cords etc, and please watch them around plants, many are poisonous to dogs.

Fourthly, consider installing a large catflap or small to medium dogflap if your beagle is allowed inside. If you already have a catflap in an area that beagle can get to easily you will probably find that they will quickly start using it after noticing the cat going through it.