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(The most important part of many Beagles' lives!)

It is important to keep your beagle at a good healthy weight. In New Zealand most beagles would be expected to weight between 10 and 15kg depending on height/size but this may vary around the world especially in America where the breed is divided into two heights. An adult beagle should have a clearly defined waist (ie out at the rib and tail area but in at the loin) the ribs should be easily felt and perhaps, just noticeable.

We would recommend feeding a quality biscuit or dog roll but there are now many schools of thought on what you should feed. Please feed a diet that supplies the nutrients that your dog needs, especially so for growing puppies.

If your dog is overweight there are several things you can do to help it reduce weight including - switching to a lower calorie food, feeding less (bulking out the meals with vegetables and rice can help give the appearance of a "larger meal"), take it out for more exercise, cut out titbit feeding, and so on. If you must feed titbits a solution is to put the food for the day out on a plate and use that for meals and titbit feeding.

If you like to feed bones to your dogs remember they only need them occasionally, use the right type of bone and Do Not feed cooked bones, or chicken bones to your puppy or adult dog.