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Beagles as pets require little grooming, but they do need some. A bath every now and again won't go amiss especially after they've rolled in something particularly smelly. Use a recommended dog shampoo and dry thoroughly as a Beagle's coat can retain a lot of moisture. Otherwise brush your Beagle once a week or so using a hound glove, or a "Zoom Groom" for short coats (both these are a rubber type glove with raised bumps that help take out hair), a fine toothed comb can also be run through the coat to help loosen and remove the undercoat. After hunting or running a dog through brush or long grass do check the coat, ears, and pads for prickles and grass seeds. In general, a Beagle will probably moult heavily once or twice a year, usually in spring and autumn. At these times it is particularly important to regularly groom your beagle and it may be useful to do so every other day till it is obvious the coat has stopped shedding. Check the inside of their ears occasionally for signs of ear mites or infections. Both will mean a trip to the vet for a cure.