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Beagles in NZ

The first hounds brought in New Zealand seem to have been a pack of Beagles imported in 1868 by Governor Sir George Grey, but soon after sold to Mr McLaughlan at Papatoetoe who used them to hunt rabbits.

At about the same time, in South Canterbury, Mr T Hardcastle of Pleasant Valley and Mr Postlethwaite of Ruakapuka imported a pack from an unknown origin. From these hounds during the 1870's Arthur Llewellyn Barker drew a pack known as the Geraldine Beagles, around which was built a thriving club with a membership of 50.

Two other packs, probably of harriers, existed in the area when in 1882 the South Canterbury Hunt was established. The first New Zealand Hound Show was held in 1885, one year before the formation of the NZKC, and features 13 harriers, 7 Beagles and 19 fox terriers! This was probably the first time Beagles were exhibited in New Zealand.

So, you are still interested in this breed and would like to purchase one? Below are some general tips on care of your beagle either as a puppy or as an adult dog. Please be aware these are very general tips only.