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Exercising is an important part of a dog's life. An adult beagle in good, hard condition can work hard for hours, unfortunately for many pet beagles this would not be so. However, your beagle, as an adult, will enjoy long walks frequently and the more you do so the fitter he will become.

If you are getting a beagle puppy, you will need to get it used to wearing either a collar or a choke chain otherwise you will have difficulties later when you go to take it for a walk. If you have a large enough section for the first couple of months puppy will probably get enough exercise just running around outside. Check with your vet about when it is best to start walking puppy on the streets (because of the risk of picking up infections). Otherwise at about six months you could start taking puppy on SMALL - 10-15 minute - walks around the streets. Remember that puppy is still growing and you do have to be careful not to over exercise as this may not be good for it. Gradually increase the amount as puppy gets older but continue to be cautious about the amount of exercise your puppy gets till it is fully grown - around 10 - 12 months. Beagles will walk as long as you do and then be ready to do some more, (another reason why it is important not to over exercise when they are young as they do not know when to stop), so once puppy is fully grown it can be taken on quite long walks or be walked every day of the week.

If you have purchased or obtained a puppy it very important thing to know and remember is that because puppy is small and will grow rapidly for several more months that you need to watch puppy jumping off things. A good rule of thumb is - if puppy can't jump on to it, don't let it jump off it, especially peoples knees, out of peoples arms, sofas, beds, steps and so on. This is very important as the bones in a dogs' body can easily be damaged if puppy jumps from a height (in relation to his size) and continue to be wary of this till puppy is at least around 10 months old.