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Present Dogs


Ch Huntingdale Springtime
Pack Hound First Class
DOB 24/09/92
Bred by J M Cudby, Raumati South, Wellington

Ralph's Pedigree

Ralph has been the stalwart of our kennels. Purchased back in 1992 as our first "serious" show dog he has taken us through the lows and highs of showing. He gained his 50CC at 8 years of age - made more remarkable by the fact that he only got his eighth challenge at four years of age. He has had several Best, Reserve and Age of Groups at all breeds level and has been placed frequently at speciality shows but his biggest wins have been his Best In Shows, one at nearly nine years of age at the Otago Southland Hound Club Show in 2001. (Judge N Harris (Aust) September 2001) and the next a year later, just after his tenth birthday when he went Best in Show at the Wellington Hound Association Show in 2002. (Judge R Wallis (Aust) September 2002). Ralph shows that is he is still capable of getting challenges at ten years of age and lends truth to the words "quality never coarsens".

Ralph has been used at stud but rarely so. He is however, the father of our own Ch Bairal Reason To Believe (Maddie).

Largely retired now Ralph is enjoying being the sole boy amongst his "girls" although he will have male company for part of this year as we campaign a tan and white boy for beagle friends.

Ralph is a standard tricolour, approximately 15" high.

Ralph is now a stalwart of the Christchurch hunt pack and recently showed his stamina and hunting ability by ripping in to a rabbit burrow with feet and teeth. He was named Best Hunting Hound in 1992, has been named best Opposite Hunting Hound of the season twice and frequently gains firsts or seconds in Hunting Hound stake classes at shows.


Ch. Bairal Genesis Project
Pack Hound First Class
DOB 05/04/98

Genie's Pedigree

With over 50CC's at just on four years of age Genie has been a successful start to our breeding. She has had some notable wins, especially at speciality level but has also gained Best, Reserve and Age of Groups at All Breeds level consistently. Genie's speciality wins include Best In Show, The Beagle Club, Wellington (Judge - D Johnstone (Aust) Nov 1999) at 18 months of age, Best In Show, South Island Beagle Club (Judge (Mrs) P Walden (Eng) May 2000) at 2 years of age and Reserve Best In Show, Otago Southland Hound Club (Judge A Lane (Aust) September 2002) at four years of age.

Genie has had one litter but difficulties with that litter mean that she is now just a show girl! We look forward to being able to continue to campaign Genie for the next few years.

Genie is a standard tricolour beagle approximately 14" inches high.

All our beagles are hunted with the Christchurch beagle back during the hunt season from March to October when we are not showing. Genie has shown herself to be a dynamic power packed beagle in the field as well as in the ring. Named best hunting hound on show at the recent South Island Beagle Club show.

Genie recently went Best of Breed and New Zealand Bred at the National Dog Show held in Wellington over the 26th - 28th September, 2002.


Bairal Reason To Believe
Pack Hound First Class
DOB 17/01/2000

Maddie's Pedigree

Whilst not enjoying the same success as her elder sister Maddie has been a reliable and consistent winner in the show ring at both speciality and all breed level.

Her wins include going Best Puppy Hound at the New Zealand National Dog Show in September 2000.

Maddie has had one litter from which we are presently campaigning a pup and we look forward to breeding from her again. Taller than her half sister at 15" Maddie is also a standard tricolour beagle.

Maddie is in her second year of hunting with the Christchurch pack and has this year "clicked on" to what we are hunting. Her longer legs make clearing and covering ground a breeze and she was quickly back in to form after her litter.

Maddie recently went Intermediate of Breed at the National Dog Show held in Wellington over the 26th - 28th September, 2002.


Bairal One Good Reason
DOB 30/04/02

Lina's Pedigree

Lina is our latest show prospect but to date has had limited showing with moderate success. At the Otago Southland Hound Club Show she went Baby Puppy In Show (Judge: A Lane (Aust) September 2002). Lina has also gone onto win Puppy In Show at the SIHC Championship Show in November 2002 (Judge: J McErlane (Aust)).

While her height is still uncertain Lina is a very standard tricolour beagle with a very black saddle.

Lina recently went Best Baby Puppy of Breed at the National Dog Show held in Wellington over the 26th - 28th September, 2002.


Aust and NZ Ch Timbavati Cinnaman

On loan to us for several months from his owners, Alec and Jan Newton, Tanna will be an interesting addition to our beagle household.

Very similar to Ralph in height, Tanna is a tan and white beagle, a colour rarely campaigned in New Zealand and especially in the South Island and we are looking forward to showing this outgoing little beagle.

Further information about Tanna can be found on his owners website at